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Contact: 44073016, Extn. 193

List of Publication By Md. Tipu Sultan

Teaching Interest:Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Differential and Integral Calculus, Vector Analysis, Complex Analysis, Tensor Analysis, Real Analysis, Geometry of 2D and 3D, Fluid Dynamics, Classical Mechanics, Linear and Higher Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Mechanics, Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics, Discrete Mathematics,Theory of Relativity, Operations Reasearch, Population Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics & Turbulence, Aerodynamics, Dynamical Meteorology,

Astrophysics, Theory of Matrices, FORTRAN Programming, Integral Equation, Electrodynamics, Methods of Applied Mathematics, Hydrodynamics, Programming with C/C++, MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica.

Research Field: Fractional Differential Equations, Soliton or Solitary Wave, To Extract Soliton Solutions to Fractional Non-Linear Evolution Equations.

List of Publication By Md. Mahabub Alam

Teaching Interest: Higher Algebra, Geometry of Two and Three Dimensions, Differential & Integral Calculus, Set Theory and Matrix Algebra, Real Analysis, Vector and Tensor Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Mechanics, Mathematical Methods, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Methods of Numerical Analysis, Topology, Functional Analysis, Operations Research, Differential Geometry, Classical Mechanics, Fuzzy Mathematics, Programming with Fortran 90 and 95, Programming with C/C++, MATLAB, Image Processing and Analysis, Maple.


Research Field: Image Processing and Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics.



  1. Alam, M. M., Paul, G. C., Raju, I., Foyjonnesa, Eti, F. Z., Banu, M. S., Kumar, D., Ali, M. E., 2022. Discretization of complex geometric domain through computer-based stair-step representation method for estimating water levels associated with a storm. China Ocean Eng., 36(5):791–801. doi:
  2. Foyjonnesa, I. R., Eti, F. Z., Alam, M. M., & Paul, G. C., 2019. Impact assessment of tropical cyclone MORA along the coast of Bangladesh and recovery measures. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 10(4):174-184.

List of Publication By Selina Akter (Study Leave)

Teaching Interest: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus, Hydrodynamics, Water Wave Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling ,Integral Equations, Vector Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Geometry of 2Ds &3Ds, Linear Algebra.

Research Field: Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations, Exact Travelling Wave Solutions, Soliton Theory.

Presentation/ Publications:  She has three publications in international journals.

  1. Akter, H. Roshid, M. N. Alam, N. Rahman and M. A. Akbar, Application of Exp -expansion method to find the exact Solutions of nonlinear evolution equations, IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM)e-ISSN: 2278-3008, p-ISSN:2319-7676. Volume 9, Issue 6 , 2014
  2. Rahman, M. N. Alam, H. Roshid, S. Akter, M. A. Akbar, Application of Exp-(-f(x)) – expansion method to find the exact solutions of Shorma-Tasso-Olver Equation, African J. of Math. and Com. Sci. Research, Vol. 7(1), 1-6, 2014.
  3. Rahman, S. Akter, H. Roshid and M. N. Alam, Traveling Wave Solutions of The (1+1)-Dimensional Compound KdVB equation by Exp -Expansion Method,  Global Journal of Science Frontier Research, Vol.13 (8), 2013.

List of Publication By Md. Sabur Uddin

Teaching Interest: Differential Calculus, Set Theory and Matrix Algebra, Integral Calculus, Geometry of 2Ds & 3Ds, Mathematica&MatLab, Vector Analysis, Advanced Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Analysis Lab, Classical Mechanics, Partial Differential Equations,Fundamental of Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Astronomy, Operation Research, Differential Geometry, Quantum Mechanics,  Integral Equations, Mathematical Modeling, Algebra and Trigonometry.

Research Field: Non- Linear Partial Differential Equations, Exact Travelling Wave  Solutions, Solitary wave.

Presentation/ Publications:

  1. Sabur Uddin , Momtaz Begum , Harun-Or-Roshid  , Mohammad Safi Ullah  and Alrazi Abdeljabbar “Soliton solutions of a (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear time-fractional Bogoyavlenskii equation model”, ELSEVIER,  Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics,  .
  2. Sabur Uddin, Shazia Karim, F. S. Alshammari, Harun-Or-Roshid, N. F. M. Noor, Fazlul Hoque, Muhammad Nadeem and Ali Akgul“Bifurcation Analysis of Traveling Waves and Multi-rogue Wave Solutions for a Nonlinear Pseudo-Parabolic Model of Visco-Elastic Kelvin-Voigt Fluid”, Hindawi, Mathematical Problems in Engineering,  .
  3. Sabur Uddin, Md. Nur Alam and Kanak Chandra Roy,’’ Simulation of Wave Solutions of a Fractional-order biological population model’’, Journal of mechanics of continua and mathematical sciences, .
  4. Nur Alam, Onur Alp Ilhan, Md. Sabur Uddin and Md. Abdur Rahim “Regarding on the Results for the Fractional Clannish Random Walker’s Parabolic Equation and the Nonlinear Fractional Cahn-Allen Equation”, Hindawi, Advances in Mathematical Physics, .
  5. NUR ALAM, MD. SABUR UDDIN AND CEMIL TUNC “Solition Wave Solutions of the Oskolkov Equation Arising in the Incompressible Visco-Elastic Kelvin-Voigt Fluid”, Applied Analysis and Optimization, Vol. 5, Number 3(2021), 335-342, ISSN:2189-1664 .
  6. Sabur Uddin , Md. Nur Alam, , S.M Shamim Hasan, Md. Samiul Hasan and M. Ali Akbar “Some New Exact traveling wave solutions to the (3+1)-Dimensional Zakharov-Kuznetsov Equation and the Burgers Equations via ExpExpansion Method”, Frontiers of Mathematics and Its Applications, FMIA 2014, 1(1):1-8, https://doi:10.12966/fmia.03.01.2014 .
  7. S.M Shamim Hasan, Md. Nur Alam, Md. Sabur Uddin ,Md. Samiul Hasan and M. Ali Akbar “Exact traveling wave solutions of fifth order KdV equation via the new approach of  generalized -expansion method”, International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research,Vol-1,issue 11 dec.2013,page 283-302, ISSN:2320-7167.

List of Publication By Dilruba Akter Pansi

Teaching Interest: Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Set Theory and Matrix Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Vector and Tensor Analysis, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Methods, Geometry of Two and Three dimension, Numerical Analysis, Programming with  ,Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Calculus, Business Mathematics, Operations Management, Fluid Dynamics , Fuzzy Mathematics , Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematica, MATLAB

Research Field: Operations Management, Network flow, Development of Edmond-Karp Algorithm.


  1. Dilruba Akter, Md.Sharif Uddin, Faria Ahmed Shami “Modification of EDMONDS- KARP ALGORITHM for Solving Maximum Flow Problem”; International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies; ISSN-2028-9324,Volume-31,2021.
  2. Dilruba Akter ; ‘On an Application of Laplace Transform to solving a simple control system with Transfer Functions”; International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development; ISSN- 2581-7175, Volume 4 issue 1, 2021.
  3. Nurul Islam, Samir Murad, Aysha Akter, Nazmul Alam, Dilruba Akter “Analysis of Differential Equations and get their solutions using Sobolev space” International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Development; ISSN- 2581-7175, Volume 4 issue 2, 2021.
  4. Javariya Hyder, Muhammad saeed Akram, Abdulaziz S. Alofi, Dilruba akter, “ On some numericalr radius inequalities involving generalizead Aluthge transform; Journal of Function Spaces. Volume 2022, Article ID 8525804,2022
  5. Rani Kanwal, Saqib Mazher Qurashi, Muhammad Gulzar, Dilruba Akter (CA), and Muhammad Shawaiz Safdar,” A Novel Characterization of Fuzzy Soft Substructures in Quantales Theory”;Journal of Complexity, Article ID 6087990,2022
  6. Dilruba Akter (CA), Malati Mazumder, Kanak Chandra Roy, M Shakawat Hossain Shaon, “An Overview of the Time Independent Schrödinger Wave Equation with Applications”, Journal of Gono Bishwabidyalay, ISSN: 2521-828X(Print), Vol.4 Issue:1, 2706-9303 (Online), January 2023, 2706-9311(CD-ROM)
  7. Malati Mazumder, Dilruba Akter, Kanak Chandra Roy, Sheikh Anwar Hossain, “Solution of Maxwell’s Equations Implementing Free-Space Set”, Journal of Gono Bishwabidyalay, ISSN: 2521-828X(Print), Vol.4 Issue:1, 2706-9303 (Online), January 2023, 2706-9311(CD-ROM).
  8. Zeeshan Saleem Mufti ,  Rukhshanda  Anjum ,  Ferdous M. O. Tawfq,  Ali Tabraiz, Qin Xin , and Dilruba Akter(CA) ,”Fuzzy Topological Characterization of qCn Graph via Fuzzy Topological Indices”,Journal of Mathematics, Volume 2023, Article ID 5141179.


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