Nolam, P.O. Mirzanagar via Savar Cantonment, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka
Mobile: 01717289323

By: Dr. Noushin Angum Mow

Research Interests:

Organic and Safe Poultry Production, probiotics, Food safety, Poultry Nutrition, Poultry Disease.


  • Zahir Uddin Rubel, Md. Anwarul Haque Beg, Maksuda Begum, Noushin Anjum. Effect of dietary supplement of dried chlorella powder as an alternative to antibiotic on growth performance and health status of broiler chicken. International journal of Biosciences, Vol. 14, No. 4, p. 255-263, 2019.

By: Dr. Md.Mehedi Hasan

Research interests:

Effect of Aloevera and Alloxan in diabetic rat.

By: Dr. Md. Hasibul Haque

Research interests:

– Protozoan diseases, vector-borne infections, tick microbiome, parasite ecology, nematodes
– Stem cell biology, cancer biology, molecular biology


1. Haque MH, Alim MA, Yasin MG, Anisuzzaman, Rahman MA, Habib A, Akter MTD, Mondal MMH. (2015) Tick Infestation in Indigenous Cattle (Bos indicus) in Barind Tract of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Vet J. 49(1-4):1-13
2. Most. Tahera Dil Akter, Md. Abdul Alim, Md. Golam Yasin, Md. Hasibul Haque, Thahsin Farjana, Takeshi Hatta, Anisuzzaman, Naotoshi Tsuji and Md. Motahar Hussain Mondal. (2019). Tick infestation and hemoparasitic infections in cattle in some selected areas of Bangladesh. Jpn. J. Vet. Parasitol. 18(1): 26-34.
3. L Nahar, MJU Sarder, MMH Mondal, MO Faruque, M Rahman, S Rahman, MH Haque. (2019). Occurrence
of Haemonchosis in goats under management practices in the northwestern Bangladesh.
International Journal of Natural and Social Sciences, 6(3): 54-60.
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Goat in Kushtia district, Bangladesh. International Journal of Natural and Social Sciences. 2(1): 107-112

By: DR. Sabrina Ferdous

Research interests :
Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, Small Animal Medicine, Wildlife Conservation
List of Publications: 
1. Sutradhar BC, Das BC, Ferdous S, et al. Penetrating gunshot wound, emphysema and inanition followed by death in a wild Asian elephant: a case report. International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology. 2018;3(2):119–122. DOI: 10.15406/ijawb.2018.03.00068
2. Elephant conservation in Bangladesh: The facts and the fictions. – Bibek Chandra Sutadhar and Sabrina Ferdous (2017). Published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

By: Dr. Soniya Akter Nishi

Research Interest: Infertility problems of dairy cows

List of Publications:

  1. Nishi SA, Sarder MJU, Islam MH, JosimUddin M and SharminS (2018) Managemental Factors Influencing Anestrus Problems in Dairy Cows. Journal of Vaccines& Vaccination, 9:393.doi:10.4172/2157-7560.1000393.
  2. Nishi SA, Sarder MJU, Islam MH, Kamruzzaman SM, Islam MA and Khaton R (2018) Factors Affecting the Incidence of Repeat Breeding in Dairy Cows. International Journal of Livestock Research, 8(10),90-96.doi: 10.5455/ijlr.20171218102335.
  3. Nishi SA, Sarder MJU, Islam MH, Kamruzzaman SM and Islam MA ( 2017) Prevalence of anestrus in cows owing to genotypes, age, parity and body condition. Bangladesh Livestock Journal;3: 18-20.
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  6. Islam MR, Khaton R, Islam MH, Ullah MN, Nishi SA, Paul BR and Sarder MJU (2018) Biometry of ovary in different ruminant animals. Bangladesh  Livestock Journal ; 4:49-51.
  7. Sarder MJU, Islam MH, Islam MR, Nishi SA, Moni MIZ and Sultana MR(2018) Improvement of Fertility of Cows Using Prostaglandin F2α 4th International Exhibition & Seminar on Dairy, Aqua and Pet-2018, 8-10 March 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 4: 270-278.

By: Dr. Md. Shafiullah Parvej


My research focuses on Zoonotic and foodborne bacteria. Currently I am doing research to find out an association among the host, phylotypes, genotypes and drug resistance genes in diarrheagenic E. coli (DEC) pathotypes. Among the six DEC pathotypes, Enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC) and Enteropathogenic E. coli (EPEC) is highly prevalent among children experiencing diarrhea in Bangladesh and the later one is also prevalent in poultry and cattle fecal samples in the country while the former one is confined only in human patients. Now, my research will focus to examine the fecal samples of healthy carrier to find out whether these two pathotypes are prevalent also among healthy carriers in Bangladesh. Any national and international collaboration is welcome to my laboratory.


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