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Why Veterinary & Animal Sciences at GB

  1. Only one of the private Universities in Bangladesh has opened the faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences approved by the UGC and Government.
  2. The course curricula and syllabus of BSc Vet Sc &AH has been developed to follow the guideline of Bangladesh Veterinary Council (BVC) standard for veterinary education and references to the course curricula of BSc Vet Sc & AH from different national and international educational institutions.
  3. After successful completion of BSc Vet Sc & AH degree, he/she will be awarded as a Veterinary Doctor through getting registration from Bangladesh Veterinary Council (BVC).
  4. Veterinary and Animal Sciences ensures his/her capability to challenge the competitive job market and research.
  5. Veterinary and Animal Sciences is a top priority for its practical applications in various sectors.
  6. Veterinary and Animal Sciences is the top priority among the subjects for admission at university level.
  7. There is a high demand and prospects of Veterinary and Animal Sciences for higher research in domestic and foreign countries more likely in Japan, Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland and Germany.
  8. The up-to-date world-class course curriculum of Veterinary and Animal Sciences builds a student competent with latest scientific developments.