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Career opportunities

  1. BCS (Livestock) cadre & all others General cadre
  2. All government jobs regards to veterinary science
  3. Research institutions-Bangladesh Livestock Research Institution (BLRI), Livestock Research Institution (LRI), Central Diseases Investigation Laboratory (CDIL), International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh (ICDDR,B), Space for Remote Sensing Organization (SPARSO), Institute of Public Health (IPH), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC).
  4. Meat processing industries-Eg. Bengal Meat Ltd, Meat inspection section in different city corporation etc.
  5. Milk processing industries- Eg. Milk Vita, Aarong, Akij Dairy, PRAN, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd
  6. Livestock feed processing industries-Eg. Kazi, Quality, Nourish, Teer, CP, brac, ACI, Paragon, Aftab, Arifs Bangladesh etc.
  7. Dairy farm-Eg. Kazi & Kazi dairy farm, Sanoara dairy farm, Teer dairy farm, Akij Research dairy farm, brac dairy farm, PRAN dairy farm etc.
  8. Beef Fattening farm-Eg. Bengal Meat, Kazi farm, Teer etc.
  9. Poultry farm & Hatchery (Broiler, Layer, Breeder etc)-Eg. Kazi farm, Aftab, Paragon,CP, Soguna, Northern , Quality, Finix etc.
  10. Livestock health care sector (Diagnostic centers)-Eg. CP, Neelsagor, Paragon, Aftab, Kazi, Quality etc.
  11. Pharmaceutical industries-Eg. Renata, Square, ACME, ACI, Popular, Novertis, FnF, Arifs Bangladesh, Incepta, Globe, Gonosastho, Eskayef,
  12. Bank jobs with special priority in Agricultural Banks-Eg. Rajshahi  Krishi Unnoyon Bank, Bangladesh Krishi  Bank, Agrani Bank, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank, Rupali Bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh ltd etc.
  13. International Non Government Organisations-Eg. Food & Agriculture Organization(FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, EC, USAid, UKAid, Max Well Stamp, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Care, Plan international, Relief International etc.
  14. National Non Government Organizations- Eg. BRAC international, PKSF
  15. Teaching in University & other educational institution.
  16. Scholarship and Research in Home and Abroad.
  17. Bangladesh Army: Remount Veterinary and Farm corps.
  18. Private practitioner.