Department of Sociology and Social Work
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Why Sociology and Social Work at GB

Attitudes, values, norms, customs, families, institutions, organizations, consumers, governments and political process of workers and you all you think are changing. Imagine having the ability to analyze the impact of internet and mass media on children, identity patterns in the labor market, explore the role of the criminal justice system in the lives of the poor, or study the effects of contemporary culture have on interpersonal relationship. Focusing on the external forces that affect values, attitudes and behaviors, it helps us better understand ourselves and the motivations of others around us. Sociologists do all that and more. Sociology is the study of the interactions between groups and institutions, and the study of social life and human behavior. It allows us to better understand the changing world.

Sociology major at Gono Bishwabidyalay help to develop both qualitative and quantitative research skill, increase analytical and observational skill. Real life exposure of different community and interaction between individuals, groups and societies, students also develop sensitivity and respect for social difference and critical thinking, which are utmost importance for 21st century education and learning.