Department of Sociology and Social Work
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Welcome to Sociology and Social Work

The Sociology and Social Work was established in 2009 as the department of Gono Bishwabidyalay at Savar, Dhaka. The major trust to bring these two disciplines under one umbrella is to make them complementary to each other for increasing usefulness for welfare of social service in society. Sociology deals with complex human behaviors and problems. It intends to find out the causal relationships of social phenomena. With strict objectiveness sociology strives to generate knowledge about society. This is the nature of sociology, which is called a pure science, the knowledge of which can be used by policy makers/development planners for appropriate measures.

Social Work, on the other hand, deals with policies and programs that could be adopted for the betterment of society. Community development, eradication of poverty, crime and other social problems are the major concern of social work. To do so social work heavily depends upon the knowledge and analysis of the sociologists. Here lies the justification of a combined ‘The Department of Sociology and Social Work’. Such combined effort is much more needed in a country like Bangladesh where the people of the country are facing so many socio-economic problems and complexities.

The new department will bring scholars of two disciplines closer to make sociologists to understand how their theories are related to real life situations and social workers to realize the usefulness of sociological theories in understanding the causes of social problems. Therefore, students of this department will take few basic courses of social work and will take few basic courses of sociology as requirements for a BSS degree. It is believed the exposure of sociology and social work knowledge together will increase students’ ability to analyze the social issues and to deal with them in real life situation, whether it is in their professional or personal life. A student of sociology and social work will have to completed—- credits, —–credit hours with combination of sociology, social work, fundamental and practical course. At present there are running 16 batch 8 batch of them have been already completed their BSS honors degree successfully and they are involved various job market in Bangladesh and abroad.