Department of Sociology and Social Work
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Mission & Vision

Mission of the Programme:

Above mention this vision the department of Sociology and Social Work takes a venture to introduce the BSS (honors) program in order to deliver praxis-oriented education to cater the countries need for social scientist as well as global village. The mission of Sociology and Social Work is given below-

  1. To produce social scientist and development activists who contribute to the socio-political and economic development of the nation.
  2. Addressing the resolution of conflict in society through achieved of academic knowledge.
  3. The central concept of Sociology and Social Work is to ‘Person in environment’, ‘Service to Humanity’. ‘Practical life based skilled education’ and ‘Problem solving process’ those are main agenda with ensuring social justice, equality and social inclusion.

Vision of the Programme:

With the advent of development, urbanization, globalization and socio-economic situation of Bangladesh are getting changed. It drastically affects the process of social structure. Socio- economic system and create problems. So that to combat these sorts of problems and disorders in the society it is urgently felt that knowledge and practice of Sociology and Social Work is of paramount importance. The vision of Social and Social Work –

  1. Sociology and Social Work builds a competent of a problem-solving skilled manpower and program planner.
  2. To delivery social services for the betterment and maximization of welfare of the society.
  3. It shall be ensured excellence in national and international social work standards, practice, and licensing and a powerful force in the political process.