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By: Dr. Md. Ali Azam Khan

Research Title: Relations between Government and Opposition in Parliamentary Government of Bangladesh, A survey on  (1991-2001)

By: Ms. Mahmuda Begum

ক. একবিংশ শতাব্দীতে বাংলাদেশের স্থানীয় সরকার-ব্যবস্থায় জেলা পরিষদের উপযোগীতা: একটি পর্যালোচনা, The Journal of  Local Government, National Institute of Local Government, Vol.40,no.2, July-December,2014.

খ. General Overview of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Strategies, Social Change: A Journal for Social Development, YPSA, Vol.10,no.1,2021.

গ. বর্জ্য হতে পরিবেশ বান্ধব দ্রব্য উৎপাদন: একটি বিশ্লেষণধর্মী প্রতিবেদন, Social Change: A Journal for Social Development, YPSA, Vol.10,no.1,2021.

By: Tabassum Nepa (on leave)


International and National publications

  1. “The sea victory of Bangladesh: Establishment of rights in the Bay of Bengal” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, Volume 2; Issue 12, Page No. 514-519, December 2015
  2. “The Facet of Cyber Security:Understanding its Global Secutity Paradigm and Potential Threat in Bangladesh”, Journal of Jahangirnagar University, Volume 7, Number 7, 2016, page No: 55-68
  3. “The Maritime Conquest :Bangladesh Wins Another Legal Battle in the Bay, Journal of Gono Bishwabidyalay”, Volume: 2, No.1, January 2017

International Seminars Attended

  • Asian Credit Forum regarding World Council Global Womens Leadership Network (Topics: Women in Asia-Culture, education, confidence, fear and women tracking), Bangkok, Thailand, September 10-12, 2015
  • 12 International Conference on Vibration Problems, IIT Guwahati, India. December 14-17, 2015

By: Md. Al-Amin Hossain



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