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Why Politics and Governance at GB

2. Why study of Politics and Governance at Gono Bishwabidyalay:

Graduates of the department of politics and governance will have advantages and opportunities to work in the following areas:

* Study in the department of politics and governance will make the students patriotic, healthy and skilled workforce.

* As diligent and capable citizens, they will be able to offer leadership and take responsibilities of any situation under any circumstances.

* Work in the fields and in rural areas will make the students aware of the country‘s basic problems and will encourage them to work for the development  of the country.

* Local government system is being overvalued and reformed widely and hence there will be always a need for large number of skilled employees. Student of this department having their expertise, will naturally have preferences in these employments.

* Graduates of the department will have an advantage in getting jobs in the government, semi government, autonomous, institutions and BCS.

* Graduates interested in teaching professions, can get jobs in educational institutions including colleges and universities.

* They will have opportunities to work in the NGO’s (local and foreign) also in the research institutions. Besides, there is a system of internship in the syllabus of the Department spreading over a period of three months. This will give the students three months job experience. Doing internship will  help  many students get a job in the  business firms and institutions where they did their internship. Training in the fields, preparation of reports and thesis will provide the students adequate research experience. Counseling is also provided for the students to get solve their problems and develop their career.