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Head, Department of Microbiology
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By: Najmun Nahar

1. Nahar N, Das S., Sufian A., Islam K., Akter, H. Prevalence of Microbial Loads on Betel Leaf with Special emphasis on Multidrug Resistance Salmonella spp and its Public Health Implication. International Journal of Environment Agriculture and Biotechnology 2018; 3(5), 1582-1589.

2. Nahar N., Nahar N., Begum A., Akhter H. A Study On the Stress Tolerant Rhizobial Isolates from Sesbania bisponisa. Biores Comm  2017; 4(1), 494-499.

By: Md. Abir Hosain

Mamun, M. A., Hosain, M. A., Ahmed, S., Zohra, F., Sultana, R., Khan, M. M., Akhter, M., Khan, S., & Hoq, M. M. (2016). Development of an Alternative Enzyme-assisted Dehairing Method of Animal Skins using Proteases from Bacillus licheniformis MZK05M9Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology32, 33-37.

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