Program offers

The Department is currently offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) of 4 years and Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) of 1 year. The total credit hour of B. Pharm program is 162, divided into 8 semesters each lasting for 6 months. The program of B. Pharm has been designed in such a way that will enable the students to acquire basic knowledge on rudimentary subjects. To serve this purpose, complementary subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Environmental Science, English and Bangla have been incorporated into the curriculum along with the core subjects of Pharmacy. In the later 4 semesters, the students gain access to the in-depth knowledge of diverse fields of Pharmacy. Moreover, students must participate in “In-plant Training” in order to practically get acquainted with the pharmaceutical activities conducted in industries.

Program Details 
Duration 4 years
Credit hour (core) 155
Credit hour (research work) 6
Credit Hour (Industrial Training) 1
Total credit hour for graduation 162

On the other hand, the total credit hour of M. Pharm program is 32, divided into 2 semesters each with the length of 6 months.

Program Details Thesis group Non-thesis Group
Credit hour (core) 24 31
Credit hour (research work) 7 0
Credit hour (Viva voce) 1 1
Total credit hour for graduation 32 32