Laboratory Facilities

Department has six laboratories whose are enrich with modern equipment and machineries. These are:

 1.  Chemical Laboratory

Flame Photometer, Rotary Evaporator, Water distillation plant, Water bath, Dry Oven Electric Thermostatic Drier, Electronic Balance, Heating Mantle, Vacuum Pump, Shakers Orbital Motion, UV detector, Fume jecham hood with Cabinate, Top loading Balance, Conductivity meter, Microlitre syringe.

 2.  Phytochemical Laboratory

Rotary Evaporator, Soxhlet Apparatus, Centrifuge, TLC Plate & UV detector, Column Chromatograpic Separator, Steam Distillation Apparatus.

 3.  Instrumental Laboratory

HPLC, FT-IR, UV Spectrophotometer, Sonicator (power sonic), Melting Point Apparatus, Colorimeter, Polarimeter, PH Meter, Micro-Kjeldahl apparatus.

 4.  Industrial Laboratory

Tablet Hardness Tester, Tablet Compression Machine, Fluid Bed Dryer, Tablet Coating Machine, Tablet Friability Test Apparatus, Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus, Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus, Encapsulation Machine, Ointment Preparation Machine, Sonicator, Silversion Stirrer, Brook-field Viscometer, Vortex mixer, Hotplate & magnetic stirrer.

 5.  Pharmacology & Microbiology Laboratory

Hot/cold plate Apparatus, Plethysmometer, Analgesia Meter, Flick Tail Apparatus, Laminar Air Flow Unit, B.P. Machine, Electronic Compound Microscope, Incubator, Autoclave, Elevated Plus Maze, Hole Cross, Hole Board, Open Field Board, Cytotoxicity Test Apparatus, Medi craft Shuttle Box, Techno Rota rod, Kymograph.

 6.  Research Laboratory

Pharmacological & Phytochemical Research Laboratory

Students of this department also enjoy the facility of the following instrument from Gonoshasthaya Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Gonoshasthaya Antibiotics Ltd:

>> G.C., K.F. Apparatus, Abbe Refractometer, Particle Count etc.

Most of the instruments are modern, sensitive. These are regularly used to complete the practical course related with respective semester. Also use in research work at a regular basis.