Department of Physiotherapy
Mobile: 01715432101, 01715456036


  • The department is in a wide campus of excellent environment.
  • Spacious class rooms, modern teaching methods web based education, multimedia projectors & sound systems ect.
  • Well organized equipped laboratory with ultra modern technologies.
  • Combined classes with MBBS utilizing the same well equipped laboratory under the supervision of qualified Medical Facilities.
  • To expend knowledge besides education, the students are learning English, Bangle, environmental Science, Sociology, Gender Studies, Ethics, Traditional system of treatment(Yoga, Herbs & Acupuncture ) etc.
  • Wide & large library with advanced books journals & periodicals
  • It is the only institution offering Masters of Physiotherapy course in Bangladesh
  • Organized clinical practice in Gono Shastha kandra Hospital in different suubcentre for internship.