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About the Library

Gono Bishwabidyalay inherited 2 libraries (science and Arts faculty from Gonosasthaya Kendra (GK) which is a total of 10,350 Square Feet.  It is 350 stated and fully air-conditioned. Gono Bishwaidyalay of Bangladesh has a potentiality developed library having a considerable stock of original texts, books and references, journals,  compact discs (CDs), etc. for each discipline. It is striving to provide access to the appropriate software required to ensure successful learning outcomes in each subject.

The Library uses a computerized Documentation System (CDS) and Integrated for information System(Win ISIS) provided by UNESCO. GB is trying to be a member of the University Digital library which can provide e-resources of JSTOR, ACM, Emerald, IEEE and Wiley. There is an organization committed to the electronic archivist of scholarly journals and literature. So we can easily use E-books and e-journals.

Resources :

The Library has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The Library provided a variety of services designed to support students, faculty members, researchers, and staff of Gono Bishwabidyalay (GB) Bangladesh. The GB Library develops and maintains s extensive print and resources to support the research, teaching and learning activities of the university.  At present, its total collection of books is 33,432 and the total collection of journals (old and new) is 435. The core collections encompass subjects in medical science books,  computer, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Political Science, Mechanical, Food Science, animal health, human health, business, banking and accounting. History, literature, humanities, art and design, biological and life sciences,  Veterinary and Animal Science, Bangladesh studies, International relations etc.  A total number of 986 books has been purchased for the library in the fiscal year 2016-2017. New titles recommended by the Head of the Department and faculty members are purchased every year to enrich the library.

The library subscribes to a substantial number of daily newspapers, magazines, fortnightly, and research journals. Different News-clippings on current publications and contemporary global events are readily available to keep the readers updated.  The information sources are easily accessible, relevant, reliable and of high quality.

Library borrowing rules:

  1. Teachers can issue 5 books for 13 days. Renew facilities is available for them.
  2. The borrower must replace the lost books or CD/DVD-Rom with a new and unused copy of the same authors, title edition.
  3. Replacement /Compensation procedure for lost or damaged items should be completed with the next 7 days after application.

General Instruction:

  1. The library is open to all who have valid students to GB  as library membership cards. With students ID cards no one can enter the library.
  2. Silence is to be strictly maintained in the library.
  3. Seats and computer terminals of the library are not allowed.
  4. One computer for one user only,  maximum using period 45 minutes at a time. Users can use their personal laptops also.
  5. The Consumption of foods and drinks and the use of personal audio-video types of equipment are not allowed in the library.
  6. Personal books bags or any other files are now allowed inside the library.  They can use the library themselves to keep it.
  7. Mobile phones should be switched off or silent inside the library.
  8. Exercise khata, pens, pencil, rubber, calculator, loose pages etc. are allowed inside the library.
  9. Users who have been found guilty of misconduct, or who interfere with the comfort of others, make excessive noise,  cause damage in the library, and disfigure or mutilate any library material in any way in the opinion of the library personnel,  may be excluded for the remainder of the day and shall compensate the university for any damage caused.

Library Facilities


The computer printing service is only available in the library reprography section.

Photocopy Service :

The photocopy services are available.

Digital  Catalogue Search :

Computers  available for use by faculty members and students to search the library  catalogue

Borrowers’ ID card:

Faculty, students and other library users need an ID card to use the library. Please contact the library if you have any questions.

Student Reading Room :

Books and reading materials of the following disciplines are preserved in the stack area:

Generalities, Psychology, Logic, Ethics, Statistics, Pure Science, Mathematics,  Astronomy and Allied Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Allied Sciences, Sciences of Earth and other worlds, Life Sciences, Botanical Sciences, Zoological Sciences, Technology Medical Sciences, Engineering and Allied Operation, Agriculture and Related Technology, Chemical and related Technology, Manufactures, Buildings, History, General Geography, History of Ancient World,  General History of Asia, etc.

Current News Paper Reading Room :

Gono Bishwabidyalay library preserves all well-circulated daily newspapers in Bangladesh. Users can read these newspapers from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm in the Central Library.

Personal Laptop:      

Library users can use their own laptops in the Library.