At the undergraduate level the law department offers a four-year LLB.(Hons) degree which was established in 2010. In the era of present globalization ,there is an immense importance of study of law . Realizing its significance in Bangladesh, the authority of Gono Bishwabidyalay opened the department of law along with its existing disciplines. So far 7 batches of students have been admitted in this department and the number of students is increasing gradually.

As a citizen of a country everyone is bound to obey the laws of the land. Ignorance of law is no excuse. In a welfare State it is extremely required for a citizen that he will be concerned about the laws of the State as to maintain them for the smooth development of the society as well as the nation. Except establishing rule of law in society, welfare will remain just as a theoretical theme existing in the text out of implementation. Learning the law may be a better solution in this regard which may play an important role in making concern the citizen to live and let to live in the society in a harmony.

Vision of the Law Department:
► To produce standard and competent Lawyers, Practitioners and Scholars.
► To help playing significant role in the field of Law at home and abroad.
► To provide comprehensive learning of Law with updated syllabus.
► To enrich knowledge with theoretical concepts and practical applications.
► To ensure the implementation of Rule of Law in the society basically concerning the deprived community of the world.