The Department language, Communication and Culture is an unique academic experiment in an ever-growing university programme . Since its inception ,Gono Bishwabidyalay gave special attention to imparting language instructions to the students. Mother Language Bengali and International higher education medium English have been introduced as compulsory subjects to all the other departments along with compulsory certificate courses in Bangla for foreign students. Finally in 2008, a 4years B.A(Honours) course in Bengali Language , Literature and Culture was started. An updated syllabus with short courses in classical language like Arabic and Sanskrit and other specialties’ has been approved by the University Grants Commission . We are now conducting the 9th batches of students in this department and 1st batch have already been graduated successfully.

A Music section is also a part of to the department which provides music classes for the students of all departments .This section performs various cultural activities all over the academic year. Poetry recitation and theatrical programmes are the regular feature. Eminent writers and artists of the country are invited to participate in those programs. Besides, regular selected drama shows are performing where village folks join with the academics and the local elites.

B.A (Honors) Program : The Bengali Language , Literature and Culture.

* One’s to be aware of learning strategies for skill development.
* One’s to enrich language competence for the practical life.
* One’s to experience the taste of Bengali literature and better understanding of moral and intellectual aspects of human life.
* One’s to provide updated knowledge of comprehensive learning in the world literature .
* To ensure one’s personal and social position as modern and cultural being