Dr. Abeda Afroza



Dr. Abeda Afroza
Assistant  Professor
B.A. (Honors), M.A. (RU)
M. Phil. (RU), Ph.D. (IBS, RU)

Mobile: 01819011620




Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 1st October 2003

Teaching Experience13 years

Teaching Interest : Literature & Linguistic.

Research Field : She completed  earlier a comprehensive research  works on the short stories of Tagore and then on the novels of female writers of Bangladesh. 

PUBLICATIONS :  Two books are in press .

1.Bangaladesher Mohila-Rochita Upannashe Bisay-Baichitro o’ jibon-chinta.

2.Rabindra- Galpoguchche Naree

Papers presented in the Faculty seminars:

!. Tin Bigha jami : A reliable picture of  contemporay  , Gono Bishwabidyalay June 2008.

2. A Golden age : Perspective of 1971, Gono Bishwabidyalay August 2008.

3. Syed Ali Ahsan : An illustrious  literary  Personality, Gono Bishwabidyalay ,March2011

4.Significance of Nazruls rebel spirit  , Gono Bishwabidyalay May  2012 ,.

5. Begum Rokeya : Foremnner of Nazrul Awaking  Gono Bishwabidyalay ,September 2012.

Extra Activities: Conducting Cultural programs.

Dr. Mahmud Shah Qureshi

Dr. Mahmud Shah Qureshi
B.A. (Hons.1957); M.A.(University of Dhaka 1958);
Docteur de l’ Université de Paris (Sorbonne/1965);
Certificates from  Oxford, Paris, Besançon, Grenoble & Strasbourg.
E-mail: amicbangladesh @yahoo.com.


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 1st March, 1998.

Professional Experience

Dean, Basic & Social Sciences, G.B. Since 2000-2003 & 2005-2011.

* Executive Vice-President, Bangladesh PEN Center (2001-2003).

*Professor of Cultural & Intellectual History, Institute of Bangladesh Studies,(IBS) Rajshahi, University (1977-97).

* Director of the Institute (IBS) 1992-97.

* Director General, Bengali Academy, Dhaka (1990-91)

* Associate Professor, Sr. Lecturer- Dept.of Bengali, Chittagong University (1968-77)

* French language teacher- Chittagong (1969-77) & Rajshahi (1978-89)

* Head of the Dept. of Languages, Chittagong University (1973-75)

* Provost, Sir A.F. Rahman Hall, Chittagong ( 1972-76).

* General Secretary, World University Service, Chittagong University (1972-77).

* Lecturer, Universities of Paris (1965-68) & Visiting teacher Stockholm (1965).

* Member of the Presidium, 8th Intl. Congress of Linguists, Bucharest (1967).

* Member, Bangladesh Cultural Commission ( 1988-89).

* Special Envoy for Arab countries during the War of liberation (1971).

* Special Assignments with A.S.T.E.F.(France/ 19630), UNESCO (Paris/1964) &

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Dhaka/ 1983).

* Founder-President, Alliance Française de Chittagong (1969-1983), afterwards    

    Honorary  President of Alliance Française, Chittaganj.                

* Honorary President, Bangladesh French Teachers’ Association.

* President, Asian Committee & Member, Intl. committee of CIDEF of World French Universities Association, (AUPELF/ 1977-82).

* President, Bangladesh Linguistic Society, Chittagong (1972-77).

* Vice-President, Bangladesh Association for Anthropological & Ethnological Studies, 

    Dhaka (1980-83).

* President, UN Association, Rajshahi University (1988-90).

*  French Govt. Scholarship (1959-65), British Council & Oxford University 

   Bursary (1960), Invitations from French Govt. (1973, 77, 92, 95, 96), U.S. Govt.

     (1991), Kemal Ataturk Institute (Istambul, 2001), Toronto University (Canada,1984,   2005).

*   Participated in many international conferences & visited over fifty important    cities of the world.


 * French Govt. Award: Chevalier Dans I’Ordre des Palmes Academiques- 1976

* Bangladesh Govt Award: Ekushe Podok (for outstanding contribution in the field of Education)-1989.

* French Govt. Awards: Officier dans I’ordre des Palmes Académics & L’ordre des  Arts et de Lettres , au grade d’Officier –1992, Légion d’ honneur, 2006.


Has written numerous articles in Unesco Courier, Revue Générale Belge, Asian Culture, Rencontre, Université, Grande Larousse Encyclopédique,  besides many national journals and Banglapedia.

Has published 20 books; some titles :

Etude sur l’évoulution intellectuelle chez les Musulmans du Bengale

    --(Paris, Mouton/ C.N.R.S-1971)



Paralléle ( avec P. Dattagupta Alliance Française de Chittagong-1976).

Poèmes Mystiques Bengalis- ( Paris Unesco- 1977).

Sahitya, Sangskriti, Oitijya- Rajshahi, IBS,1979.

Culture and Development- (Dhaka-1983).

Chander Opera ( Shishu Academy, Dhaka, 1984).

Festschrift for Syed Ali Ahsan (ed. with M. Maniruzzaman- Dhaka 1985)

Tribal Cultures in Bangladesh (ed. Rajshahi, IBS)-1985.

*  André Malraux: Shotabdir Kimbodonti ( Dhaka, A.F.)-1986.

*  Chinnomul- ( Khoshroz Kitab Mahal, Dhaka, 1958).

*  Mahbub-Ul-Alam— ( Bangla Academy, Dhaka,1988).

Bangla Sahityer Itihas Roconar Somosya— ( ed. Rajshahi,IBS,1997).

Jonmoshtoborsher Jacques Prévert- (Alliance Française de Dhaka,1999).

Haj Shere Eshe- (Dhaka, Ahmed Pub. 2004).

Muhammad Yunus- (AMIC, Dhaka, 2005)

*  Zahiruddin Khan Smarak Grantha(ed.)AMZF, Dhaka, 2007.

*  Simon de Beauvoir-(Ahmed Pub.Dhaka, 2008).

France-e Gonoshastho Kendrea Somadar(Savar,G.K, 2009).

Syed Ali Ahsan o bishwa-sanskriti( Dhaka, SAASC, 2011)

* Rabindranath O Phorashi Sonkriti,Murdhonnyo,Dhaka-2012

* Also edited The Journal of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (1984-89, 1993-97),  Dictionaire  Francais- Bangla (1992).

Dr.Krishna Bhadra


Dr. Krishna Bhadra
B.A(Honors, University of Dhaka)
M.A ( Sanskrit, University of Dhaka)
Ph.D ( University of Pune , India)
E-mail: dr.krishnab@yahoo.com



Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 14th May 2009

Teaching Experience :  4 years

 Professinal Experience :  9 years

Teaching Interest:  The World Literature  & linguistics.

Research Field: She has just published a research paper on``The evaluation of Bengali translation of Sanskrit classics’’.


1.  Hindu Religion an Moral Education, Class Four (English Version),National Curriculum and Text board, Dhaka , January 2013.

2. The Ordinary World and the World of Art ,Itihas Academy ,Dhaka, Feburary2013.

3. The Poet And The Connoisseur, to be published in the  journal of  Faculty of Basic & Social Sciences , Gono Bishawbidalay .

And also Published  in The National Daily News Paper : 20  Articles

Papers presented in the Faculty & Outside Seminar :

1.Influence of Sanskrit in Bengali Literature,,8th International Conference, Itihas Academy, Dhaka, February 2012

2.Discussions on Syed Anwarul Hafiz’s`` Tean Bigha Jomee & Tumi Syandhaar Meghomala”, Bengal Art Gallery , Dhaka, April 2012.

3.  The Place of Bulbul in Nazrul’s Poetry & Songs. Gono Bishwabidalya,,May 2012.

4.Discussion on  Bonophal’s superiority on fiction Story , Gono Bishwabidalya, August  2012.

Extra Activities: Conducting Cultural programmes.

Ms. Atiun Nahar (Ratna)


Ms. Atiun Nahar (Ratna)

 Asstt. Lecturer

 B.A. Honors in Bengali (DU)

 M.A. in Bengali ( University of Dhaka)

E-mail: atiunnahar@gmail.com


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 16th July2006

Teaching Experience :  6 years

Teaching Interest : Linguistics.

Research Field : She  has completed  M. Phil  research  project  on  the``Comparative Study of Mymensingh  Dialect and the SCB (Standard  Colloquial Bengali) ”.

Papers presented in the Faculty Seminar:

1.Kaji Nazrul Islam: New Ideas in his Novels.,  May 2012.

2.Imdadul Haq Milon :War of liberation in his short story, June  2012.

3.Syaed Anwarul Hafiz: A review of his latest  novel, March 2012.

Ms.Ayasha Siddika

  Ms.Ayasha Siddika

  Asstt.  Lecturer

  B.A. Honors in Drama & Dramatics(JU)

  M.A in Drama and Dramatics (JU)

 14th  Feburary 2009

 E-mail: akratri@yahoo.com


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 16th July2006

Teaching Experience :  4 years

Teaching Interest :  Drama & Literature.

Research Field : She started a research project for M.Phil on the ``The Presence of Ethnic people in the Drama on Selim Al Deen”


Papers presented in the Faculty seminars:

1.Mamtaj Uddin:: Life Style  and His Literary Work  ,  july,  2009               

2. Chaka : Manabikater  Kathakata  (In Bengali) , , August  2012.

Extra Activities: Conducting Cultural programmes, presenting , recitation etc.

Md.Abu Raihan

Md.Abu Raihan



 M.A in Arabic, ( IU,Kustia)

E-mail: aburaihan84@yahoo.com


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 15th June  2009

Teaching Experience :  4 years ,  ex-part time `Lecturer ‘ The People’s University of Bangladesh, Asad gate, Mahammadpur ,Dhaka.

Teaching Interest:   Literature.

Research Field :  He has just completed his M.Phill thesis on``Al Nabigha al Jubiany and his contribution to Arabic poetry and literary criticism.’’

Enayat-a-moula Jinnah


Enayat-a-moula Jinnah

Senior Lecturer and Music Director

E-mail: emjinnah@yahoo.com


Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 28th March 2008.   

Working Experience at Gono Bishwabidalya4 years.

A former teacher of Dinajpur  Musical College ,Mr. Zinnah had been a Senior Officer of Bangladesh Shilpa Kala Academy for thirty years .He was ,in fact, the main resource person of the Music and Dance Department of the Academy. As a delegate of cultural tours, he represented  many a times Bangladesh to foreign countries. He is a vocalist and was one of the most popular singers. He  participated, during 1971, with the group of Artists of the Bangladesh liberation war. He is  music director  of  several Dhaka art  theatres and   received many prizes.

Raahman Chowdhury


Md. Raahman Chowdhury

Assistant Professor (Part time)

Ph-D, M.A, B.A(Hons)

Mobile: 01195117658

Email: raahmanchow@yahoo.com


Joining date: 20.08.2015


Teaching Field: History, Drama & Literature.

Kayes Ahmed


Md. Kayes Ahmed

Assistant Lecturer

B.A(Hons), M.A.

Mobile: 01726213882

E-mail: koyes221@gmail.com


Joining Date: 18.08.2015


Teaching field: Bengali Literature