1. General cadre (BSC) some other technical jobs
2. All government jobs opened to science graduates
3. Research institutions-International Center of DiarrhoealDisease Research in Bangladesh (ICDDR,B),  Bangladesh Council of
    Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), Institute of Public Health (IPH), and
    Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI)
4. Pharmaceutical Industries- Quality control laboratory
5. Food Industries-Packaged food and Bakery industry
6. Fish Industries-Shrimp and Frozen fish industry
7. Beverage Industry-Soft drinks industry
8. Milk industry-Milk and Milk products
9. Drinking Water Sectors- Quality control of drinking water in bottles and cans
10. Water Supply Authority- QC of community water supply and sewage disposal
11. Healthcare sector- Diagnostic centers and hospitals
12. Higher Education- Teaching in University.

Scope of microbiology
Fields for microbiological applications:

i. Biotechnology
ii. Food industry
iii. Agriculture
iv. Fermentation industry
v. Pharmaceuticals
vi. Fish industry
vii. Pollution control
viii. Environmental management
ix. Environmental health
x. General Health care
xi. Diagnostics
xii. Safe water system
xiii. Alternative energy source
xiv. Research with biotechnological applications of microbes in molecular biology: Recombinant DNA technology, genetic engineering
xv. Higher education.