Monsur Musa

Professor and Head

Cell Phone: 01715208167




Summary of Qualifications:

I have obtained M. Phil in General Linguistics from the Department of Language and Linguistic Behaviour, York University, England in 1979. My thesis was on Sociolinguistics of Language Planning: A Historical Study of Language Planning in Srilanka. Earlier I graduated in General Linguistics through an M. A. programme from the same university. Following this, I was trained in Language Development at the Institute of Culture and Communication, East-West Center, Hawaii, US in 1982-84.  Earlier, I did my M. A. in Bengali Language and Literature in 1966 and B. A. (Honours) in Bengali in 1965 from the University of Dhaka.

  1. Summary of Skills
    1. Teaching at tertiary level (home and abroad)
    2. Language Research and Language Survey
    3. Administrative skills as Hall Provost
    4. Administrative skills  Director of the Institute of Modern Languages 

Director-General of Bangla Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Md.Amjad Hossain



Dr. Md.Amjad Hossain


B.A (Hons), M.A. in English, M.Phil & Ph.D

Mobile: 01726-37 74 93



Joining Date:25.02.2016

Teaching Interest: English & Bengali Literature and Research works.



Md. Aktar-Ul-Alam

B.A. (Hons.) M.A. (J.U.)

Senior Lecturer

Mobile: 01716646129




Joined Gono Bishwabidyalay on 1st November, 2006

He has been teaching English Literature and language at GB for 10 years. He is keenly interested in English grammar as well as other aspects of linguistic organization and usage. His area of PhD research is "Syntactic Deviations in EFL Writing of the Undergraduates: An Analysis and Instructional Planning"

Sarmin Haque


Sarmin Haque


M.A.  in Applied Linguistic & ELT

Mobile: 01712-54 67 47



Joining Date: 10th November,2009

Teaching Interest:  Sociolinguistics, ELT, Postcolonial Literature and Literary Thesis.

Sujana Suvin


Sujana Suvin


M.A. in Linguistic

Mobile: 01845-92 70 58



Joining Date: 14-05-2012

Teaching Interest: Post colonial Literary Theory ELT,ESP.

Afroza Siddika


Afroza Siddika

Post/Position: Lecturer

Degree: B.A (Hons), M.A. in English Literature.

Mobile: 01726-00 72 38



Joining Date: 12-09-12

Teaching Interest: Literary Theory, Modern English Literature, Phonetics and Phonology.

Amirul Mumeneen


Md. Amirul Mumeneen


B.A (Hons.) in English (Gono Biswabidyalay).M.A (Gono Biswabidyalay), M.A. in ELT (East West University)

Mobile: 01811-39 59 26



Joining Date: 04.11.2012

Teaching Interest:  ELT, Phonetic and Phonology, Sociolinguistics.

Name: Subrota


Subrota Kuumar

Post/Position: Assistant Lecturer

Degree: B.A (Hons.) in English, M.A in English Language (Khulna University) , M.A. in ELT ,JML (Dhaka University)

Mobile: 01917-25 78 45



Joining Date:03.01.2016

Teaching Interest: English  Phonetic and Phonology, Spoken English, Translation Studies ,English History, ELT and Teacher Education.

Susan Sarkar


Susan Sarkar

Assistant Lecturer

M.A. in English Literature.

Mobile: 01922-52 91 12


Joining Date:03.01.2015

Teaching Interest: Gender Studies, Post colonial Literary Theory, and Cultural Studies.

Md.Imran Hossain


Md.Imran Hossain

Assistant Lecturer

M.A. in English Literature.

Mobile: 01919- 42 15 12



Joining Date:11.01.2015

Teaching Interest: Literature, Theory, Language



Sakina Akter Sema

Assistant Lecturer (Probationary)

B.A (Hons.) in English, M.A is appeared

01786-30 53 38


Joining Date:09.09.2015

Teaching Interest: English Literature

Nurul Islam


Nurul Islam

Part Time Teacher


Mobile: 01711- 64 07 67


Joining Date:

Teaching Interest: Modern English Literature