In the era of present globalization, there is an immense importance of study of the Applied Mathematics. Realizing its significance in Bangladesh, the Gono Bishwabidyalay authority has taken the decision of opening the department of Applied Mathematics with its prevailing disciplines. In the present world, Mathematics is being applied in all aspects of life including jobs, businesses, economics and social processes. Like many other developing nations, the benefits of Applied Mathematics in Bangladesh will be further extended .The demand for Applied Mathematics is consequently increasing all over the world beside Bangladesh.

Vision of the Applied Mathematics Department:

•         To produce standard  and competent Applied Mathematicians.
•         To help playing significant role of Applied Mathematics at home and abroad.
•         To provide comprehensive learning of Applicable Mathematics with updated syllabus.
•         To enrich knowledge with theoretical concepts  and practical  applications.
•         To ensure the use of modern well-equipped computer laboratory.
•         To provide all time internet facilities.
•         To impart necessary practical  knowledge of Statistics and Computer Science.

Present Courses:
Syllabus of Applied Mathematics department has been prepared following the course curriculum of different universities at home and abroad. This syllabus is at the same time modern and time embedded. Different branches of Applied Mathematics are nicely presented here throughout the courses. The laboratory courses of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at every semester will provide the students with practical knowledge necessary in the job market. Moreover, the syllabus includes the courses like Bangla, English, Gender Studies, Freedom Struggle, Bangladesh Studies and Environmental Science. There are 18 supporting courses of 45 credits including 25 credits of Physics, Statistics and Computer Science and 37 courses of 105 credits of Applied Mathematics in this department. The total credit is 150.